5 things to consider before you design and build mobile application

Having an exceptional idea for building a mobile application is not just enough in 2022! The end-users need more - better features, interactive user interface and good speed. This blog looks at five things to consider before you design and builds your app.

Let’s get started.

1. Market Research:

The first and the most crucial step is to do thorough research on what the already booming market is offering in a similar niche! What is the current offering in the market? Who are your competitors, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

Then, do a thorough study with keywords. Try to read as many as possible articles, without skipping the comments, as here you would see what features currently existing software solutions lack. Once done that, try to understand the pros and cons of existing applications.

This crucial exercise gives you solid knowledge and helps avoid mistakes in the early stages of your project.

2. Target Audience:

Gauge what your target audience is; it makes it easier to determine the application features. Details like - demographic data, interests, goals, and challenges are overlooked by many enthusiasts. This, in turn, makes them have a grand mobile application.

Have an Idea in Mind, Let’s Convert it Into Reality.

3. Type of application:

This is again a crucial one as it carries many implications for your later development and maintenance. There are three broad categories - Native, Hybrid and PWA (Progressive Web Apps).

The core differentiation between the three is - programming languages used. It affects and your budget, desired time frames, and available expertise

4. App Monetization:

When it comes to mobile application monetization, there are five (5) broad categories:

  • Freemium apps – These apps are free to download; with certain features and contents locked, users can only access them after purchasing.
  • Paid apps – One needs to purchase the app from the app store to use it.
  • In-app purchases – These apps allow payments to be done via Credit cards, PayPal, Google Wallet, or even cash to ensure all the transactions are secure and safe.
  • Subscriptions – Similar to freemium apps, but brings a benefit of a recurring stream of revenue.
  • In-app ads – This is the simplest model as there is no cost barrier for the user.

Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. You can easily change your decision later, but you need to know about the various models available before you steer your mobile app development.

5. App Store Optimization:

App store optimization is the key to the discoverability of the mobile application in the app store. Here are some of the key features to take into consideration:

  • App name: Name should be easy to spell and pronounce, unique, and descriptive.
  • Icon: Avoid using lots of details, and opt for a simple concept.
  • Description: The main focus should be on the first three lines to convey the key points and have a call to action.
  • Preview video: A short and straight to the point, with a clear and universal message that will work in any localization.

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