Iotasol takes On-Demand System for laundry industry by storm

Iotasol Pty. Ltd. is very well-known for developing digital products for their clients, but we also build our in-house products and are available on-demand.

Our very skillful team has successfully developed an On-Demand Delivery System that can mold any domain and industry.

In this post, we will take an example of a Laundry Management System (LMS).

At Iotasol, we have successfully sculpted a product for laundry management systems that will enable the clients in the niche, who are looking forward to doing something more than merely provide laundry service - like bringing convenience to their customers.

The idea was to build a system that would help any LMS streamline their processes and achieve better time and order management; by enabling the end-users to have their laundry be picked up and delivered at their doorstep, even for commercial users!

LMS is an agile laundry service system built by Iotasol. It enables the end-user to place a pick-up request from the comfort of their homes. While doing so, the end-user can see the price of different services offered by the company and choose accordingly. The end-user can also request an express delivery, which would be at an additional cost.

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The designed system notifies the customer at a regular interval right from their order placed until delivered.

Not only this, the product allows the end-user to track the driver assigned for pick-up and drop; this gives mighty power to customers' hands so that they can plan their day accordingly.

The built app also allows the user to contact the driver using an in-built calling system, favoring communication with ease.

Using the latest technology a desktop-based admin panel is developed that helps in managing daily tasks like - assign drivers for every order (pick-up and delivery), update the status of each order, manage their details and their workload.

The LMS application supports both Android as well as iOS mobile phones.

What better service than your laundry being picked and dropped at your location safely and securely? Laundry Management System ensures all the safety norms are followed, and that maximum precautions are taken into consideration while handling all your orders.

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